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Empowering the business and giving you one-stop-solution for all business related needs.

Digital Kranti aims to empower the small retailers who still follow the traditional route to sell their products. With the coming age of technology in all sectors, we can get anything at our doorstep today, be it food, clothes or groceries. Today many shop owners look for ways to bring their business online, and we all know it costs a fortune when it comes to building a website and app for a retail shop.

We offer the solution for all this at an affordable price and are willing to provide business support for people in the future. Our business will be the one-stop solution for all the retail shop selling and the people.

Over the years, we have seen a massive rise in technology usage, and retail industries still don’t have the technology it needs to empower the small shops. With Digital Kranti, we aim to build projects at the most affordable price that will create opportunities for the people seeking employment. It can be termed as a social cause for people who are without jobs, and this way, they will be empowered.

The technology will make people self-sufficient in ordering the useful items for home and will make their life much easier. The retailers we have on our website sell authorized products and believe in authenticity while doing the business.


Digital Kranti not only wanted to target the small retail shop owners but also the people who are looking to seek employment. The people associated with our term this a social cause, which will help the most considerable section of the society to empower people without jobs. We want the retailers to bring their business online and get in touch with a large number of audiences for growth and opportunities.

Our mission is to help create an online platform for small shop owners, and <br>this can boost their business in no time. It will create opportunities for both retailers and unemployed people who can use the technology in an effective way for a better living.


Digital Kranti has a broad vision for small retailers and unemployed people. We aim to build a platform, which is affordable and doesn’t cost a fortune for the small shop owners who aim to explore the digital world for growth. We will be building apps for the business owners, and this platform will create further employment opportunities for less-fortunate people.